The heart and the Sagrada Família, collage by Randomagus, 2016.

This collage was the ‘bonus track’ for LeCool: usually they publish 4 different covers by the same artist for 4 weeks, but I was honoured with the request to do a 5th. You may interpret the tentacles of this work of art as the way the Sagrada Familía dominates Barcelona’s silhouette, but also how it never remains the same: like tentacles are always moving, the Sagrada Familía is never the same when you look at it again.

For me Gaudí is not only connected to the Sagrada Familía, but also to my very own family: my father was a constructor who built the house I grew up in. He was and still is a disciple of Gaudí – I think he does see Gaudí as the proof that there is a god, and I’m not sure in whom of the two he believes more – and our family home is more an enormous work of mosaics than a house.

Of course the fact that these mosaics are in a way also collages – made of fragments that were originally meant to serve another purpose – is not lost on me. So the two odes to Gaudí in this Barcelona series (scroll down for the second one) are also an homage to my father, whose vision, talent and skills allowed me to grow up in a piece of art, rather than a collection of rooms.

Original, paper on paper, 21×29,7: in private collection

Limited edition high quality graphic prints, 21×29,7: € 20 BUY


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